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Candy knowledge:

Candy, chocolate packaging, there are three main role in the protection of the product should be the first shiny, smell, shape and extend the shelf life; The second is to prevent micro-organisms and dust pollution and improve health product safety; Third, the beautiful packaging can be Increase the desire to purchase consumer goods and value.

At present, the domestic candy, chocolate packaging mainly in the form of kink-style packaging, packaging Pillow, folding packaging. Kink-style packaging is the oldest form of packaging, this form of packaging used for candy, not only through high-speed, automated packaging machine to complete, can also complete the manual; Pillow Packaging internationally popular in the 1970s, From the beginning of 80s pop. As the Pillow Packaging Machinery popularize comparison, the current majority of candy, chocolate manufacturers use packaging Pillow. Folding and packaging, and more for chocolate products, candies made appropriate package volume, the article package, fitted together, this form of packaging equipment, packaging materials and packaging requirements are higher. China's candy, chocolate packaging and the level of developed countries there is a wide gap between the main problem is the low level of packaging equipment, packaging materials and a small number, quality and packaging. In order to narrow the gap, only take the road of technological innovation, the domestic candy, chocolate packaging should be toward the high-speed automated packaging machine, a machine can be more of the features in the design and packaging of direction.
In recent years, domestic candy technical experts in the introduction of co-operation, the original self-made gratifying achievements in the candy equipment has launched toffee filling production line, automatic soft gel line, ultra-thin vacuum generating units boiled transient, such as cotton candy production line; packaging There are single kink packaging machinery, packaging folding machines, such as high-speed pillow charter. Chocolate color multi-functional equipment are pouring chocolate line of chocolate products composite automatic line, extrusion line chocolate, chocolate, such as rapid precision mill.

The new multi-function devices is an important trend because the pattern more varieties of candy, fast update, the manufacturer of the equipment requirements for multi-functional, adaptable. If the new chocolate products combined with automated production lines on the candy, chocolate compound coating and multi-function products. The whole production line, has produced a variety of different sugar core and laminated composite of high-quality chocolate, such as only the front part of the molding, is capable of producing nougat, toffee, Switzerland sugar, toffee, such as rectangular variety, such as The use of the back-end part of the coating can adapt to a variety of products on the surface coating requirements.

In addition, new equipment now used most of the servo motor, the new electro-optical tracking technology, automatic control it with greater capacity. Chocolate products such as composite automatic line by line over the past 20 generating units constitute, as a result of different varieties require different technology, not only to adjust the unit itself, even in the process of running the unit co-ordination between the speed of the unit to adopt a The total frequency converter to control the speed of the unit converter.

Candy, chocolate makers in the standardization of packaging products, generally require high-speed, automated packaging machine, the pursuit of economies of scale in order to optimize the cost of packaging. As a result, in recent years, packaging machine manufacturers developed different types of products suitable for high-speed, automated candy, chocolate packaging, for example, the traditional packaging and Pillow for a number of dual-use products kink kink of the packaging machine, and so on. In this type of packaging machine manufacturers to adopt the latest technologies such as servo motors, electro-optical tracking, high-speed camera, and so on in order to achieve the performance of packaging machines, there are 1,500 packages per minute to 2000's high-speed hard candy Pillow packaging machine. Pillow chocolate high-speed packaging machine should be more equipment from the cold wind and packaging films, and so on to match the development, in order to achieve high-speed internal and do not affect the quality of the chocolate products. In addition, chocolate and the packaging machine connected to the automatic conveyer belt, finishing, stop, is also widely used to speed up. Secondly, there are seasonal or non-standardized products, packaging machine design should be flexible, lightweight and compact. The type of equipment is not the pursuit of speed, but the search for personalized packaging and flexibility. In addition, the originality of the package design can meet the competition of goods, innovation, giving the visual impact of the effect on the market, such as bottled xylitol gum, because of the improved package more suitable for young people's psychological consumer products are very popular.

In short, candy, chocolate in the form of packaging should be with the market, packaging technology with the characteristics of the product. If the high-end products as gifts, then the packaging will be in the form of attractive, high-end design, such as paper, wood or metal boxes are on the election. For the mass consumer products, packaging should be in the form of relatively simple, such as the Pillow bag packaging businesses on popular favor, in the form of simple, mature technology, high-efficiency packaging, and cheap. In addition, some products used in packaging technology also depends on the characteristics of the product itself. If the chocolate products at a higher temperature will have a fat precipitation, the impact on the quality and appearance, the packaging of chocolate Pillow bag with cold seal technology in general.

At present, and candy in the form of packing bags and Pillow main vertical bag (more chocolate) both of which, in addition to vertical bag Cadbury Barbosa Spain the use of automatic packaging equipment, other candy companies such as Nestle , Good, Jindi, such as the use of prefabricated bags are again packed by hand.

Fruit box design and security features

Exquisite packaging products not only enhance the taste, the more merchandise to promote awareness of the important functions of the majority of the increase in consumer buying enthusiasm, so much attention to packaging design. Following talk about the choice of packaging design software, as well as in anti-counterfeiting packaging applications.

1. Box-design software choice

A design both functional and aesthetically pleasing packaging is a designer. To this end, the box-design software is crucial to choose, it often is the case of professional design software vendor Barco's Artios CAD software. The box-design software with very strong graphics capabilities, there can be requested at any time of the deployment of a strong box-type library and information feedback function and at the same time directly to the customer design samples to show the 3D images.

2.'s Anti-counterfeit packaging design

With the anti-counterfeiting technology and users of packaging requirements to improve security, anti-counterfeit packaging into packaging printing and packaging business users get more and more talk about the topic. Anti-counterfeit packaging from the initial identification is to add anti-counterfeit packaging materials and packaging design their own security, changes in security printing. At present, anti-counterfeit packaging mainly as follows:

Add security features on the packaging label. If the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting marks fluorescent security thermal false identity logo, phone security codes, such as logo. Almost all have anti-counterfeiting features the logo on the packaging label in some applications.

To prevent open the box. Add security through anti-seal Jie / signed and sealed to achieve security. On the packet using laser holographic film package, using thin-film material for PVC, PET, BOPP, such as Du Lvmo laser holography, holographic films on transparent, laser holographic film hot colors are gold, silver, red, Blue, green and black, and so on, are widely used in packaging printing industry.

Candy packaging - always creative new favorite

Candy industry openly admitted that they are traditionalists, the major candy brands to easily control the market, because consumers around the world in terms of psychological or have long recognized the taste of these products. However, on the packaging, the brand a more stable, more to a lack of motivation in opening up new markets. The slow pace of change is mainly due to the candy industry on the production line efficiency of the continuous pursuit of this candy on the market, packaging design had a major impact. However, the resulting consequences is, the stores there have been more and more looks similar to the appearance of the packaging. A typical solution is to be used immediately to identify the brand of design, as well as the use of metal foil for packaging materials to stimulate the purchase of improvisation. Fortunately, the candy market has taken note of frozen foods, snack foods and convenience foods market, the emergence of new trends; which are in the market for their product packaging to be updated to meet the dietary habits are taking place in the changing social needs.

Now, the distinction between different products is becoming blurred the boundaries have been very difficult for the packaging alone can tell what is candy, which is the other food. The traditional candy market has begun to adopt strategies to introduce different products to meet each of the "state needs." For example, Nestle its "smart beans" (Smarties) candy brand has become a sub-mini (Mini) and packaging (Giant) two series, and drum packaging by the strange patterns on the surface, in order to provide a new candy consumption Choice. The redesign of the Mini "smart beans" to adopt clear edges and corners of the tetrahedral packaging, and the food creative casual from where to draw inspiration.

Lawson Mardon's hard to have foil packing materials provided by the experience, including as Phileas Fogg Tortillachips package provided by the pyramid. To open the packaging, so that consumers can easily check out the candy inside. 80-micron-thick transparent polypropylene laminated sheets of white polypropylene in the foil on to provide the necessary strength and at the same time ensuring the well-sealing packaging, and to facilitate the children to open.

RPC Container's use of the structural design of packaging for the brand to achieve value-added. They have a view of the Easter sales peak in the development of a container egg. On the shelf, the egg Easter egg containers and engaged in a fierce competition, the capacity of its members can share, or a Sinseong-hoe the National People's Congress. Its soft yellow plastic injection molding Polypropylene containers in the hinge, it is easy to get inside the candy. In order to avoid the accumulation of jelly beans in the bottom of the container; a hinge connecting the lid to ensure uniform distribution of candy egg in the first half of the container. The shrinking of the outer packaging used six sets of standard color printing, from Cadbury's successful application.

If the candy industry would like to enter a new food market, attract new customers, it must be Confectionery packaging. Chris Gong traditional manufacturers take the lead at the Elizabeth Shaw: In order to attract younger customers, specifically the introduction of a history of heart chocolate vodka Tully series. This 159 grams of weight cylindrical silver thread I hard on the packaging paper printed with red and black and white patterns, maintaining the traditional Russian style, but also further highlights the contemporary products.

In the candy packaging design of the structure, Lawson Mardon companies will be more durable and rigid packaging bags gradually replaced the traditional vertical packaging. This can be re-sealed bags, and candy for packaging provides an opportunity for further diversification. And traditional candy packaging, this new form of packaging is more desirable: In addition to the printing of the four prominent brand logo on the surface, this package is also due to the need for additional and significant savings tray shelf space. At the same time, new printing ink used also by generating heat with the color effect of packaging and increase the value-added products.

High-quality packaging so that the candy out of step with the mood

Japan, the plastic box or a special box packaging for a wide range of functional confectionery. Plastic packaging in the styles and colors is almost no limit to provide the market with a large number of different forms of packaging. Japan's Morinaga its sugar-free candies coffee uses a very unusual packaging, and candy packaging usually used in the packaging plastic cup of yogurt. In addition to the special shape of such a package, dark coffee beans to add background images, strong coffee highlights the products of a vivid sense of unusual packaging also promoted the sales of the product.

A Swiss chocolate "on the side walk, eat on the side" as a selling point, to highlight the convenience and unique products. The product is 100 grams of chocolate sheet, it is not the whole piece, but the average was divided into eight of a loaded round-shaped stick. Products can be mounted on a pull to open an independent packaging, packing cartons of cigarettes a bit like a box with a convenient, strong and easy opening and closing of the characteristics of this packaging with a clear message that there can be "on the road" Consumption of food.

Packaging miniaturization trend of development did not miss the ancient Bear meters (Gummi bears) this type of candy brands, product recently launched a new mini-packaging. The pocket-sized flat rectangular tetrahedron bags instead of plastic bags, packaging materials and capacity have not changed, the new packaging has become more solid, with one hand quickly and effectively hold down the bag, it banged in the seams Burst open.

This shows that the small elegant handbag similar to the shape of chocolate has been selected as the new packaging is not by chance that this independent packaging with chocolate round of folding cartons for the favorite dessert of the target group. With the six-color printing, coated with gold embossed two-relief effect had shown the high quality packaging. Such packaging could be cleverly "on the road," food and "in honor of his" two candy products that combine the characteristics.

On the other hand, are raw materials for packaging innovations to provide more space. For "in honor of their" products, the use of popular over the past two to three years in a transparent and translucent plastic packaging the most appropriate, and this is the Femina brand 16 "just melt in the mouth" chocolate semi-transparent use of PET packaging boxes. This rectangular box slightly tilted to the wall box and a variety of color printing feature, the product was placed on two transparent PET tray deal, or even for each layer separated by a transparent component of PET.

Nestle Australia introduced a transparent Soothers fruity cough fructose, but also high-quality plastic packaging in aluminum foil bag, the bag has a zipper on for consumers to re-open the seal. To meet the consumer demand for fast and convenient, some of Europe's leading candy manufacturers such as Dr. soldan and Vivil company has developed a layer of aluminum paper, the 30 grams of "VivilFun + Energy" will be mainly used for packaging bags by the longevity of sugar made from sugar-free candies.

Pay attention to the ecological environment in some countries, known as a carton of FlipTOP very popular. In this paper box filled with sugar-free gum or hard candy, you can remove a single package. This moisture-packed small, open, even after the candy will not stick together. All boxes are FlipTOP with a hook lid of the carton to prevent the overflow candy, the package is about the size of 25 to 50 grams, to facilitate the collection on the Showcase or promotional platform.

Germany has introduced a fine Kalfany noble tinplate packaging box of mints SpaceFresh. This tin box with a blue background for, bring out the products and brands of modern flavor. In addition to the attractive packaging design, also with a complex open and closed components together so that the package only push the lid, the box can be opened automatically, after eating push the edge of the lid, will once again be able to seal up the packaging.

South Korea's always candy packaging design originality, in order to give a strong visual impact. Ji Zhao such as a food bubble gum, toothpaste and outer looks almost no differences in the use of the material is plastic hose, the selection of lovely cartoon images, its unique design is in line with the 9 to 13 years old or over the age of 13 Boys and girls. Ji Zhao and food is also designed to avoid the sugar into the mouth when he was in the hands of the bacterial contamination. There is also a place designed for adults in the white-collar desk candy, designed with short HDPE bottles of white circle, using easy to remove the cap products pull hinge cover, a very modern color steady generous to Black ice-cold bottle for the main colors to highlight the candy Xingnaojing refreshing effect.

Easy to tear candy boxes are popular

Food enterprises to cope with increasingly intense competition, always do everything possible through continuous innovation of the box structure to enhance the image of corporate promotional products such as window boxes, paper box with handle, shaped boxes, cartons and the opening Used tear easily design more and more popular. I tear easily design in the box on the application of obvious advantages: convenience, such as consumer use, theft, forgery, after opening the carton to retain aesthetics, and so on.

Friends of the Laguna good food company to launch the "Friends of the well-Li Gu Li mushroom" in the carton packaging of the positive use of "easy to open the line." The product's box with a plastic bag inside, the bag is designed for a very good cartoon images, consumers easily open the carton packaging easy to tear the line, with bags on the beautiful cartoon images can be fully displayed in the consumption Were present.

Nestle's "Nestle coffee," the paper box at the top of the same design of the "easy tear lines" through consumer packaging, "easy to tear line" will be able to easily open the package. This packaging design in the open after a damaging effect on the packaging, to some extent prevent the repeat use of packaging and effective to prevent the reuse of some of the counterfeit product packaging. The most innovative packaging that is easy to tear off tear after the lid can be inserted a pre-designed jack, and patterns from the surface to form a complete product, to a certain extent, to maintain the integrity of the packaging .

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