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Welcome to our Website, we are the Candy Supplier, our main products series are:Christmas Candy,Valentine Candy,Halloween Candy,Easter Candy,EveryDay Candy. The main ingredients are:Jelly pop,lcy pop,magic pop,message pop,rose marshmallow,penis candy,toy candy,health candy,pummy pop,marshmallow pop,sprinkle candy.Numerous varieties, you can always have a love .

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China Development candy:

As long as the original "good" would be to buy this delicious is built on one of the few domestic brands of candy flavor contrast, the small amount of contrast choice. With the domestic candy business and the continued rise of foreign food giant on the domestic market into a large scale, product quality and candy tastes of the growing homogeneity of the past, the reasons for the purchase of more and more weakened. Only in the new packaging, new concepts, new demands, new taste, and so on continue to strengthen and upgrade, beyond the grasp of consumers that can be a very brief period of the impulse buy.

With the increasing number of enterprises, in an increasingly competitive industry, each manufacturer is bound to be more market segmentation. We also established a breakdown of the free market can be found on these consumer groups have reason to buy the sweets Tremendous changes have taken place. They not only for its own brands included in the value of the request, pay more attention to the promotion of the brand's personality; at the same time on the packaging of the product specifications, design, ease of purchase, promotions, the unit price, and so have set higher Requirements; and as the major consumer products group to buy the decision-making autonomy rising in the past have specific restrictions on the strong seasonal nature of the gift products are gradually fade original glory throughout the year can be turned into a candy consumption and leisure, they The consumer has evolved into the main children, students, mainly young women and so on. All of these changes in themselves, reflect China's candy market, the mainstream group have taken place in the migration.

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