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Welcome to our Website, we are the Candy Supplier, our main products series are:Christmas Candy,Valentine Candy,Halloween Candy,Easter Candy,EveryDay Candy. The main ingredients are:Felly pop,lcy pop,magic pop,message pop,rose marshmallow,penis candy,toy candy,health candy,pummy pop,marshmallow pop,sprinkle candy.Numerous varieties, you can always have a love .

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Valentine's Day Candy:

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To introduce the type of candy:

Hard candy: Kennedy-brittle candy on the surface of the Organization should be bright and transparent, non-stick paper, no large air bubbles and impurities; candy should be crisp-white color or the color of the species should be, crisp, non-stick teeth is not sticky trap, profile There are uniform pores.
Toffee: glial-candy surface should be smooth, delicate taste lubrication, moderate hard and soft, non-stick teeth, not sticky trap, flexible; non-candy surface of glial-profile fine, uniform crystal, is not rough, hard and soft moderate, non - Sticky teeth, not sticky trap.
Cream sugar: glial-candy, smooth, delicate texture, lubrication, palatability hard and soft, non-stick teeth, not sticky trap, chewing palatability, without impurities; sandy-candy, smooth, delicate texture, lubrication, hard and soft moderate , Have uniform profile, the crystallization of small, non-stick teeth, not sticky trap, no rough, no impurities.
Soft sweets: Candy-agar, soft, moderate, non-stick teeth, not hard, soft sweets crystal light transparent, non-collapse of the soft, slightly flexible, soft sweets color evenly over the surface of fine granulated sugar, uniform layer Shuang, refreshing soft ; Sugar translucent body, the sorghum-yee flexibility stretching, stretching back half of the original; gelatin-based candy, smooth the surface of delicate, wrinkle-free skin bubbles, flexible, soft entrance.
Sugar sandwich: crisp heart-shaped candy, sugar-uniform thickness skin, teeth non-stick, non-sticky trap without Popilouxian, osteoporosis crisp, neatly Road mercerizing pattern, layered sandwich; butter heart-shaped candy, sugar-uniform thickness skin, non-stick Teeth, not sticky trap, no Popiluxian, Picui, Xianxin fine; pink heart-shaped candy, sugar-uniform thickness skin, crisp, non-stick teeth, not sticky trap, Popi did not mind missing.
Pure chocolate: smooth, shiny, non-white, close profile, no more than 1 mm clear pores, lubricating delicate taste, do not make ends meet, without a sense of rough.

Chocolate sandwich: smooth, shiny, not white, coating evenly, but thick or too thin, and all kinds of chocolate sandwich has its own unique flavor.

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