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Welcome to our Website, we are the Candy Supplier, our main products series are:Christmas Candy,Valentine Candy,Halloween Candy,Easter Candy,EveryDay Candy. The main ingredients are:Felly pop,lcy pop,magic pop,message pop,rose marshmallow,penis candy,toy candy,health candy,pummy pop,marshmallow pop,sprinkle candy.Numerous varieties, you can always have a love .

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Q & A Candy Knowledge:

6, the physical characteristics of the three major sugar what is it?
Strong water solubility, and its solubility affected by temperature, room temperature for the solubility of 203.9 grams. Permeability, sugar dissolved in water has a certain osmotic pressure, a certain degree of concentration of sucrose solution with a certain degree of inhibition. Crystalline, saturated solution of sugar by certain conditions for the impact of changes in the supersaturated solution, will be part of the sugar crystal precipitation.

7, hydrolysis of sucrose how?
Sucrose solution in hydrogen ions (H +) or converting enzyme hydrolysis under the equivalent of glucose and fructose.

8, starch syrup manufacturer of the main principles and elements of what?
Starch or acid hydrolysis by the enzyme is not entirely saccharification and made of sweet sticky liquid, the main ingredients are: glucose, maltose, dextrin and high glucose.

9, caramel manufacturing principles and what is the main ingredient?
M amyloid after ripening malt-(β-amylase and a small amount of α-amylase) saccharification, to generate moderate decomposition of sweet sticky liquid that is the main component maltose and dextrin.

10, high maltose syrup manufacturing principles and major components of what?
Starch by acid - enzyme or enzyme - a double-conversion law by the hydrolysis and ion exchange decolorization refined from the syrup, maltose is a major element of maltose and polymer.


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