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Welcome to our Website, we are the Candy Supplier, our main products series are:Christmas Candy,Valentine Candy,Halloween Candy,Easter Candy,EveryDay Candy. The main ingredients are:Felly pop,lcy pop,magic pop,message pop,rose marshmallow,penis candy,toy candy,health candy,pummy pop,marshmallow pop,sprinkle candy.Numerous varieties, you can always have a love .

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Q & A Candy Knowledge:

11, into what is syrup?
After sugar hydrolyzate called into syrup made from molasses, the main ingredient is glucose and fructose.

12, reducing sugar is what? Reducing sugar test out of four.
Pei Lin's make alkaline solution of copper has been restored by the e-carbohydrate. A reducing sugar glucose, fructose, maltose, lactose, the sugar conversion.

13, sucrose and maltose Why are isomers?
They are molecules composed of C12H22O11, but the structure is different from the sugar glucose and fructose, glucose and maltose by the two components.

14, reducing the role of what?
There are anti-crystalline reducing sugar, water vapor and sugar solution to improve the solubility properties.

15, DE value What does that mean?
DE value, also known as glucose syrup, said its value in the glucose and maltose syrup and accounting for dry-matter percentage.


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