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Welcome to our Website, we are the Candy Supplier, our main products series are:Christmas Candy,Valentine Candy,Halloween Candy,Easter Candy,EveryDay Candy. The main ingredients are:Felly pop,lcy pop,magic pop,message pop,rose marshmallow,penis candy,toy candy,health candy,pummy pop,marshmallow pop,sprinkle candy.Numerous varieties, you can always have a love .

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Q & A Candy Knowledge(1):

21, explained that the fat melting point, freezing point, the price of iodine, saponification value, the price of acid.
Melting point: refers to oils and fats from solid to liquid temperature, it's hard and soft oil characterization. Freezing point: the liquid oil into a solid when the temperature. Iodine Value: 100 grams of fat per reaction with the iodine needed a few grams of iodine. Saponification value: for every 1 g total fat alkalization required number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide. Acid Value: 1 g fat and free acid in the required number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide.

22, how to choose fats?
There should be a good choice of plastic easily absorbed into the human body. There is light in color out of the pleasant aroma of pure taste. There is a higher melting point lower the price of acid. Adequate supply at an affordable price.


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